The world’s first 4-Gbyte SLI-Certified DDR2 modules were announced by OCZ Technology Group on Tuesday.
The new OCZ PC2-6400 4GB SLI-Ready Series is equipped with NVIDIA Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP) to optimize the modulesā€™ gaming performance on nForceĀ® SLI-based motherboards.

Here are some specifications:
-800MHz DDR2
-CL 5-4-4-18 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)
-Available in 4GB (2×2048) Dual Channel Kits
-Nvidia XTC* Heatspreader
-OCZ Lifetime Warranty
-2.1 Volts
-240 Pin DIMM

sli certified ddr2

With the fusion of the sophisticated EPP memory specification, high-speed OCZ DDR2 architecture, the PC2-6400 4GB SLI kits are the ultimate breakthrough for advanced SLI platform gaming performance.
Source: OCZ Technology

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