Baby forerunnerThis morning I had the chance to read a truly amazing and shocking article from a local gossip newspaper. The story is about a six months old baby who got a fine of about 84 dollars for trying to master the art of walking.

It seems a neighbor called the police complaining about the noise the baby was making with his forerunner. A prompt police officer, not so often you see this kind here nowadays, answered the call and wrote a fine on the baby’s name immediately. At the moment the parents are concerned about the fact the police might take away the forerunner, being the object of offense. Till now the policeman, who joined the force a year ago, didn’t make a statement regarding his actions.

Good God, this I have never heard in my entire life. Is this legally possible? Nevertheless I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that at the age of 18, this fine will be of 10000 dollars. Even though I am shocked I am most certainly sure other similar things happen all the time. Are you aware of any of them?

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