Coin BalancingThis is one of the easiest coin magic tricks in which you amaze the crowd by balancing a coin on two fingers.
For this coin balancing trick you will need one large coin and one straight pin.
Now here is what you have to do.

Conceal the pin in one hand, between the first two fingers. Once you have done that ask the audience for a coin or pull one from your pocket, allowing to be examined.

Place the coin over the two fingers and start to raise it along with the pin to a standing position.

Coin Balance Be careful not to drop the pin or to let the people know that you have one there.
After a short period of time, release your grip on the pin, therefore allowing the coin to slowly and visibly drift backwards under it’s own weight. At the end you could get rid of the pin and let the coin be examined again or even better you could try the trick at the same time with someone from the audience to prove them that the hole thing is real.
Before you have a go with this trick please take some time to practice, especially the pin grip.

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