True Type FontThe scenario is simple. You are making a document at your computer and than have to show it on another one. But now you realize that the document is messed up due to the fact that certain fonts are not available. At this point you might try to search on the internet and install the missing fonts, but why not embed true fonts into the document. Here are the steps for this quick fix:

1. Go to Office button | Word Options. In the list on the left, click Save.

2. Search for the Preserve fidelity when sharing this document section, and select the document you want to emded fonts into from the drop down menu.

Embed True Type Font

3. At this point you have to check the boxes next to Embed fonts in the file and Embed only the characters used in the document.

Embed True Type Fonts
Now you won’t have to worry if your documents are displayed properly.

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