Using the F8 key will give you a powerful text selection tool which will help you to do much more than you can with a single keystroke or mouse click. There are several ways to make use of this interesting F8 selection tool and you can check them out below.

Select a word. Press F8 twice to select a whole word. Used this way, F8 works just like double-clicking the word.

Sticky selection end point. Pressing F8 at the beginning of your intended selection makes any selection method you use stay on without you having to press any keys. Put your insertion point at the beginning of where you want to start a selection. Press F8 once, and then use the mouse or arrow keys to complete the selection. Word makes the selection just as if you were pressing the Shift key while navigating to a new point.

Select a sentence. Press F8 three times to select a sentence.

Select a paragraph. Press F8 four times to select all the text in a paragraph.

Select an entire document. Press F8 five times. The whole document is selected.

To deactivate the F8 key behavior you have to press the Esc key.

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