After a few hours of work you can treat yourself at lunch time with these spectacular meals. Each has a specific and beautiful design and I bet they taste as good as they look.

When it comes to lunch time the decision about what to eat can be a tricky one. If you have been working hard all morning you want something that will leave you fulfilled but will also give you energy for the day. There are a lot of things you can pick to eat, but more often than not people go for the easy option of having a sandwich which by lunchtime, if it has been lying around in your lunch box may not be particularly appetising.

A soggy sandwich is a thing of the past. We have come up with some lunch boxes with a twist. Their quirky designs will put a smile on your face, the same as you get when you see a friend after a long time or find cheap flights for your dream holiday. Cheer yourself up with this funny food, that not only looks good but is nutritious and will fill the hole in your belly.

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