The condom is a soft rubber device made of latex which is most commonly used during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Even though condoms have been used for over 500 years, only in the 20th century they became one of the most popular methods of contraception.
Condoms are available in different shapes, colors, flavors. To better inform the public or to sell condoms better companies have created numerous ads, and here are the top 17 funniest condom commercials.

Hansaplast Condoms Mom said Yes

Chewing Gum

Four Seasons Glow In The Dark Condoms Camping

Trojan Evolve

Manix Endurance

Trojan condom

Tulipan condom

Condom shop

Trojan condom

In need of a condom

Horny Tulipan

Let the beast go! Durex Humo

Chocolate condom

Latex ring

Zazoo condom

Trust condom

Durex fruit flavored

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