In Windows Explorer you can improve your navigation by using various key combinations. This way you will be able to do more in less time. This being said here are the ways to use the keyboard accelerators.

  1. In case you are using the option Open each folder in its own window, you can hold Shift and click the close button to close all open folders used to get to that folder.
  2. Windows Vista can provide you with basic information about an item, such as the type of file, the date when was last modified, the size, only by hovering the cursor for a few moments over that item.
  3. You can easily reveal the Properties page of a file or folder by holding the Alt key and double clicking the object.
  4. You can open an Explorer window with the tree view active at the same address just by double clicking a folder while holding the Shift key.
  5. In an open folder press a letter key to get to the first file or folder starting with that letter. Press another letter quickly and Windows will try to find a word or folder with a name what starts with these letters you have just typed. As an example open your Windows folder and type R followed by an E and you will be prompted to the regedit file. In case the E comes after a longer delay, Windows will move the selection to the first file or folder that starts with the letter E.
  6. Press Backspace in an open folder to go to the parent folder.
  7. Hold Alt and press the left cursor key to navigate to the previously viewed folder. Hold Alt while pressing the right cursor key to move in the opposite direction.
  8. Press Ctrl + A to select all contents of a folder.

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